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Pilot training
How to become a private pilot
There are three entry level pilot ratings - light sport pilot, recreational pilot, and private pilot.  Joint Flight LLC can train for recreational or private pilot entry level certificates.
The details about the qualifications, training, and privileges for these ratings differ.  You can find a good summary and general advice at: .  You can contact JointFlight for additional questions.

For all ratings - both these entry level and advanced levels - there are six basic requirements:
1. U.S. citizenship (or completion of approval by Transportation Security Administration).  This requires a U.S. birth certificate or U.S. passport.
2. Medical qualification.  This requires a certificate issued by a doctor designated as an 'Aviation Medical Examiner.'  This is required before solo flight.
3. Aeronautical knowledge.  This is sometimes called 'ground school.'  There are several methods to complete ground school.  You prove your knowledge by passing a written test sanctioned by the FAA.
4. Aeronautical experience.  This is sometimes called 'flight training.'  The number of hours required varies with the pilot certificate you want. Proof of experience is recorded in your pilot record (logbook), verified by your flight instructor.
5. Practical test.  This is sometimes called a 'check ride.'  Once you've completed steps 1-5, you meet with a pilot designated by the FAA who will fly with you.  This is your chance to demonstrate your abilities to fly safely and competently as a recreational, private, or advanced pilot.  Proof of this is your pilot certificate!
6. Adequate time for study and flying, adequate financial resources, and a supportive family or spouse.  These are not required by the FAA - but they're sure nice to have!

Please contact JointFlight or one of our affiliated instructors to learn more.

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